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Book Exhibits

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Tocknock attends Educational Fairs and special events. Please let us know about your programs or projects, and we would be glad to be there! Since Tocknock's headquarters are in South Carolina. Travelling the South East would be 'around the corner' for us.

If you are in South Carolina, and would like to see our books , please let us know. We would love to make arrangements to introduce you to our book selection. 




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  • If you are sponsoring an event and you would like to give books away, contact us! We can offer a good price on assorted titles from Tocknock's wonderful book selection. We will work within your budget!


  • If you would like to sell Tocknock's book selection in your store,  please let us know

  • Tocknock provides wholesale prices on selected titles.

If you have any questions. please give us a call at 1-803-699-7753

or write Ivette at 



Educational Discounts

Tocknock offers a 20% discount (on assorted titles) to schools and non-profit
organizations dedicated to literacy and bilingual and multicultural programs.

The educational discount depends on quantities
and publishers' discounts. 

Please contact us at to obtain information about our policies.







 Tocknock's Community Support


La Biblioteca:  a friend to visit! 

This is an initiative to support libraries in providing bilingual and Spanish services to the community in South Carolina.  Since 2002 workshops and assistance in creating literacy events have been provided to help librarians in their endeavor. We are proud to be part of the team who make it possible. 







Tocknock's Staff

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(From Left to right)

Blaine is a Consulting System Architect (software consultant) and helps in everything Tocknock needs to work properly on the web. He can be reached at

Ivette* is Tocknock's founder and  Bilingual and Spanish educational services consultant. You can reach her at or at  1-803-699-7753/1-803-348-1497

Sophia is busy playing. Together they run Tocknock, as a family and independent business.

Thanks for supporting Tocknock!!!!!



A Note for Publishers 

Dear Publishers,  we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate very much your sending us samples of your book back list and new releases for our book selection. Keep in touch and let us know about yourself at




A Note for Toymakers 

We would like to offer toys based on book characters that could be nice for gift sets and/or baskets, and also educational toys that encourage learning foreign languages. Please contact us at  We would love to hear from you.




Open Your Imagination!/ Abre tu Imaginación!